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May 2024

Leipziger Gose // Orbit Beer

Recreation of beer from Leipzig region of Germany

Added: Saturday, May 4th 2024

Leipziger Gose
Apr 2024

Fierce IPA // Fierce

IPA from craft brewery in Aberdeen

Added: Monday, April 1st 2024

Fierce IPA
Mar 2024

Augsburg Export // Utopian Brewing

Lager brewed to an 1832 recipe

Added: Friday, March 1st 2024

Augsburg Export
Feb 2024

Hazy IPA // One Planet Brewing

IPA brewed w3ith home-grown hops on a farm in Surrey

Added: Thursday, February 1st 2024

Hazy IPA
Jan 2024

Westmalle Tripel // Westmalle

Pale beer brewed by Trappist monks

Added: Wednesday, January 3rd 2024

Westmalle Tripel
Dec 2023

1698 // Shepherd Neame

Bottle-conditioned pale that celebrates brewing in Faversham since 1698

Added: Friday, December 1st 2023

Nov 2023

Mare's Tail // Crossover Blendery

Golden ale aged in oak with hopped wort from Elgood's

Added: Wednesday, November 1st 2023

Mare's Tail
Oct 2023

Vintage Ale 2023 // Fullers

2023 vintage

Added: Monday, October 2nd 2023

Vintage Ale 2023
Sep 2023

Triple Hop IPA // Batemans

IPA using three American hops

Added: Saturday, September 2nd 2023

Triple Hop IPA
Aug 2023

Baltic Trader Export Stout // Green Jack

Small independent brewery based in Lowestoft, Suffolk, with 35-barrel plant

Added: Saturday, August 5th 2023

Baltic Trader Export Stout