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Dec 2019

Beer 2019 // Camden Town

Camden's annual vintage, an imperial Pilsner aged in champagne barrels

Added: Sunday, December 1st 2019

Beer 2019
Nov 2019

Greenwich Winter Spiced Porter // Meantime

Porter brewed with cinnamon and allspice

Added: Friday, November 1st 2019

Greenwich Winter Spiced Porter
Oct 2019

St Peter's Whisky Beer // St Peter's

Golden Beer with addition of whisky

Added: Tuesday, October 1st 2019

St Peter's Whisky Beer
Sep 2019

Winter Ruby Ale // Robinson's

Ruby winter beer with vinous and toffee notes

Added: Sunday, September 1st 2019

Winter Ruby Ale
Aug 2019

Sint Stefanus // Van Steenberge

Strong blonde beer brewed in association with abbey in Ghent

Added: Thursday, August 1st 2019

Sint Stefanus
Jul 2019

Thornbridge Necessary Evil // Thornbridge

Imperial Stout aged in bourbon casks

Added: Monday, July 1st 2019

Thornbridge Necessary Evil
Jun 2019

Small Beer Session Pale // Small Beer Brew

Low alcohol pale ale

Added: Saturday, June 1st 2019

Small Beer Session Pale
May 2019

Otakar Brut // Bohem

Pilsner beer brewed by Bohem in North London

Added: Wednesday, May 1st 2019

Otakar Brut
Apr 2019

Wild Beer Millionaire // Wild Beer Co

Stout brewwed with lactose and caramel.

Added: Monday, April 1st 2019

Wild Beer Millionaire
Mar 2019

Organic Lager // Stroud

Organic brewery in the Cotswolds

Added: Friday, March 1st 2019

Organic Lager