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May 2024

Leipziger Gose, Orbit Beer

Added: Saturday, May 4th 2024

Style Lambic & Gueuze ABV 4.4%

Leipziger Gose, 4.4 per cent

Gose is the beer style that came in from the cold. It was a speciality of the Leipzig area that disappeared during the post war division of Germany.

Gose has links to both Berliner Weisse and Belgian Lambic, beers that are brewed either with wild yeasts from the atmosphere or with the addition of lactic cultures. It dates from the early 13th century and was first brewed in the town of Goslar that stands on the river Gose. Its fame spread and a large number of brewers in Leipzig adopted the style. Its signature is a lactic sourness with a tart lemon fruit note from the use of coriander and salt.

Gose went into dramatic decline in the 20th century with the rise of lager brewing and by the end of the Second World War there was only one brewery left making the style. This was closed in 1945 by the communist regime in the GDR.

Following reunification a brewery was set up in 1999 in Leipzig’s former main railway station where Bayerische Bahnhof Original Leipziger Gose (4.5%) is brewed. 50 per cent of the mash is wheat, blended with pale barley malt. Hops from the Hallertau region are used sparingly and salt, coriander and a lactic acid culture are added during the brewing process.

The success of the beer has prompted a number of small breweries in the Leipzig region to produce their own interpretations of Gose.

It has now been added by Orbit in South-east London to its growing range of sour beers. The beer is pale gold with a herbal, spicy and lemon fruit aroma. Salt and coriander coat the palate, balanced by juicy malt and tart lemon fruit. The finish is tart, salty, with biscuit malt and gentle hops. It’s wonderfully refreshing.

It’s available for £36 for 12 bottles from or it can be ordered as part of a mixed case of sour beers.

Leipziger Gose, Orbit Beer