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Feb 2024

Hazy IPA, One Planet Brewing

Added: Thursday, February 1st 2024

Style IPA ABV 5.5%

Hazy IPA (5.5%)

Drink beer and help save the planet – that’s the worthy aim of One Planet Brewing in Surrey. It has just opened using 100 per cent solar-powered equipment, including photovoltaic solar panels that will generate sufficient electricity to power all the stages of the brewing process.

Photovoltaic is a new word for me but it sounds impressive and I salute the aims of brewers Miles Chesterman, Mark Andrews and Stephen Holland. Their plant is small with an output of just 15 hectolitres but as well as their first brew, Hazy IPA (5.5 per cent), they plan a range of beers that will include New England IPAs, pale ales and fruit beers.

One Planet shares the same site as the long-established Hogs Back Brewery, whose TEA – Traditional English Ale – is one of the most successful beers in the South-east. Hogs Back, based on a farm near Farnham, has made its own contribution to aiding the environment by planting a large field of hops on the site. This cuts down on carbon footprints, unlike many brewers who import hops from Europe, the U.S. and even New Zealand.

Hogs Back’s managing director Rupert Thompson has invested £250,000 of his company’s money in One Planet. He will help the new brewery distribute their beers to local outlets within a 30-mile radius. Consumers will be encouraged to pick up beer from an on-site taproom and shop at Hogs Back.

Most of the beer will be packaged in re-usable kegs, glass flagons and aluminium cans – described as “one trip packs” with the lowest carbon footprints. In the near future it’s hoped to deliver beer to pubs using an electric-powered dray.

Rupert Thompson says: “Our investment to launch One Planet Brewing is an evolution of the ambitious sustainability agenda that has been fundamental to Hogs Back from the outset.

“It is, we believe, the first British brewery to make the commitment to brew using only solar power generated on site. We are working hard on the next steps to take One Planet beers as close to zero carbon as we practically can.”

The brewery’s capacity will be limited by the amount of solar energy it can generate. It has three 5.2 kilowatt batteries and it expects to produce more solar energy than it needs during sunny months. It will sell the excess to the grid and buy back what it needs during the winter.

One Planet will use home-grown hops wherever possible. They are grown next to the brewery and travel less than one food mile before being added to the brew. They are dried, vacuum packed and stored chilled within 24 hours of being picked to maintain maximum freshness.

Hazy IPA (suitable for vegans) is brewed with pale ale, Munich malt, wheat malt and oats. Munich malt is slightly darker than conventional pale ale malt and gives an amber colour to the beer and a hint of nuts to the flavour.

The home-grown hops are Cascade, Citra and Ekuanot. The beer is “dry hopped” with El Dorado, Simcoe and Citra varieties – this means that additional hops are added to each brew prior to fermentation for maximum aroma and flavour.

The beer has a big fruity aroma of citrus – orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit -- the fruit balanced by creamy malt and spicy hops. The palate is tart with bittersweet fruit notes and floral and herbal hops. The finish is long, with creamy and mellow malt, tangy fruit and bitter hops.

If you can make the journey, you can pick up takeaway beer from Hogs Back Brewery, Manor Farm, The Street, Tongham, near Farnham, Surrey GU10 1DE. Or you can buy cans online from 12 cans £40.70.

It’s good beer and a fine cause.

Hazy IPA, One Planet Brewing