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Dec 2023

1698, Shepherd Neame

Added: Friday, December 1st 2023

Style Pale Ale ABV 6.5%

Shepherd Neame 1698 (6.5%)

Shepherd Neame produces a large range of bottled beer but 1698 stands out from the crowd as it’s bottle conditioned and as a result will continue to age and mature. It was first brewed in 1998 to celebrate 300 years of brewing at the Faversham site.

In common with all Shep’s beers it had a PGI – Protected Geographical Indicator – from the European Union that allowed the company to call its products “Kentish Ales”. It gave the beers the same protection as French Champagne and Italian Parma ham and since the UK left the EU the PGI status has been continued by the British government.

1698 is brewed with Pearl pale malt and crystal malt and is hopped three times. Target hops are used in the copper boil with Goldings added late in the boil and then in the whirlpool where the hopped wort is separated from spent hops and unwanted protein.

Following fermentation, the beer is filtered and then has a dosage of fresh yeast.

It’s a pale bronze beer with a complex aroma of hop resins, marzipan, vanilla, butterscotch, toasted grain and vinous fruit. Rich, sweet malt and butterscotch coat the tongue balanced by tangy hops and blood orange fruit. The finish is dry with continuing contributions from toasted grain, bitter hops, tart fruit, butterscotch and vanilla.

It’s available from branches of Morrison’s and Tesco or online at £32 for 12 bottles from


1698, Shepherd Neame