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Mar 2024

Augsburg Export, Utopian Brewing

Added: Friday, March 1st 2024

Style Pale Lager ABV 5.4%

Augsberg Export 5.4%

Utopian Brewing in Devon has celebrated its fifth anniversary with a new edition of its Bavarian-style Augsburg Export. The beer is based on an 1832 recipe and uses a method of brewing that has long since disappeared.

Utopian uses a recipe from the brewery in South Bavaria in which the entire mash is boiled with hops. As a result of industrialisation, this method was replaced by decoction or infusion mashing, in which the mash of grain is filtered to produce wort that is then boiled with hops.

Boiling the entire mash, Utopian says, creates a rich body and complex aromas. Proteins and polyphenols are released into the wort to add to the complexity of the finished beer.

The Utopian beer is brewed with lager malt from Warminster Maltings and the hops are 100% English Fuggles. It has a rating of 24 Units of Bitterness.

It’s pale bronze in colour and has a rich biscuit aroma with floral hops. Sweet malt on the palate is balanced by spicy hops. Bitterness grows in the finish but still with a good balance of rich biscuit malt. Quenching and delicious.

From £20 for a six pack:


Augsburg Export, Utopian Brewing