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Jun 2013

Sambrook's London TEN, Sambrooks

Added: Saturday, June 1st 2013

Style Alt & Amber ABV 4.0%

Sambrook’s London Ten (4%)

A beer available in cask and bottle-conditioned formats has been brewed by Sambrook’s of Battersea to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Renaissance pubs in South London run by partners Tom Peake, Mark Reynolds and Nick Fox.

It’s brewed with all British ingredients – malted barley and hops – and includes a wild hop discovered growing in the hedge alongside an established hop farm in Kent. The hop has been named Renaissance. The regulars hops used in the beer are Challenger, First Gold and Whitbread Goldings Variety.

The beer has a bright amber colour, suggesting some crystal malt is used alongside pale, and it has a lively collar of foam. On the nose there’s a big freshly-baked biscuits aroma with rich sultana fruit and spicy, leafy and woody hop resins. The palate is beautifully balanced with juicy malt, a growing hop bitterness and rich fruit. The sultana fruit note builds in the finish with peppery hop resins and continuing biscuit malt. It’s a splendidly refreshing beer and will make a good companion for pizza and pasta dishes and blue cheese.

The beer costs £3.95 for a pint or bottle in Renaissance pubs:

Avalon, 16 Balham Hill, London SW12.

Stonhouse, 165 Stonhouse Street, SW4.

Abbeville, 69 Abbeville Road, SW4.

Bolingbroke, 174 Northcote Road, SW11.

Tommyfield, 185 Kennington Lane, SE11.

Rosendale, 65 Rosendale Road, West Dulwich.

Sambrook's London TEN, Sambrooks