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Feb 2023

Baltic Porter, Burning Sky

Added: Thursday, February 2nd 2023

Style Porter ABV 7.4%

Baltic Porter 7.4%

As the stout market is booming, this launch by Burning Sky is timely. It’s a faithful recreation of the strong porters and stouts exported to Russia and the Baltic States from London in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The beer is aged for some time before it is packaged. It’s brewed with Lager, Munich and speciality malts and is suitable for vegans. It has a roasted grain and dark fruit aroma with spicy hop notes. Creamy malt, notes of roasted grain, burnt fruit, butterscotch and liquorice are balanced by peppery hops on the palate. The finish is bittersweet to start with roasted grain, dark fruit, butterscotch and liquorice dominating but it is finally dry and bitter.

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Baltic Porter, Burning Sky