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Artist depicts London pubs and brewing

Added: Thursday, August 4th 2016


Lewis Hazelwood-Horner explores London’s Pubs and Breweries for his solo exhibition as Winner of The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016

The art of Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, winner of The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016, will be shown at a solo exhibition, Beer and Guns, at Mall Galleries in central London, between 19 and 24 September 2016.
Lewis Hazelwood-Horner won The Columbia Threadneedle Prize in February this year, after his work, Salt in Tea was chosen by the Selection Panel from 3,828 entries. The Columbia Threadneedle Prize is Europe’s leading open competition for figurative and representational art.
All works in his solo exhibition were created during Hazelwood-Horner’s residencies at a number of London businesses, many of which were pubs and breweries. The paintings show all stages of the brewing process, growing and harvesting hops, sacks of malted barley, vats and barrels of beer in various stages as well as people enjoying the finished product in London pubs.
Lewis says “I always have been fascinated by how deeply rooted alcohol is within the British culture. After this exhibition I’m planning to do a series of paintings of pubs to explore this subject matter further.”
His works reveal how old practices have evolved over time, showing the importance of the lightness of touch of a skilled and experienced craftsman (or woman), that cannot be replicated by machine. While many of his works relate to brewing there are also some showing gun manufacture, leading to the exhibition’s title, Beer and Guns, and paintings showing the process of making handmade shoes and umbrellas.
Katie Sheasby, Operations Manager at Howling Hops Brewery describes a painting by Lewis Hazelwood-Horner of her colleague, a brewer, at work as “a beautiful celebration of the otherwise unseen and little acknowledged hard work undertaken every day by a really humble craftsperson - especially as Gianmaria was brewing in the basement of the Cock Tavern so was literally out of sight and underground!”
She also found “something very timeless about both the process of painting and the process of brewing, which I think really came through the finished piece - it could have been 100 years ago as easily as it was 2015! It also captures a unique time within the beer world when the more ‘old fashioned’ labour intensive processes of brewing, rather than the larger scale more industrial ones, are enjoying a revival.” 
The exhibition includes works painted at:
Harvey’s Brewery
Howling Hops Brewery
Redemption Brewery
Little Scotney Farm
Redlands Hop Farm
Truman Brewery
Kernel Brewery

Samantha Rigby, Director of Redemption Brewery said of Lewis Hazlewood-Horner’s residency, Lewis was such an engaging artist, bringing the spirit of our brewery to life through his paintbrush. Lewis has an extraordinary talent”
Salt in Tea, which won Lewis The Columbia Threadneedle Prize, was painted following a two-year residency at the bespoke umbrella shop James Smith & Sons in London’s West End.  The title refers to when the craftsmen jokingly put salt or too much sugar in one another’s tea. In a first for the competition, Lewis’s Salt in Tea was also named ‘Visitors’ Choice’ from the exhibition of 92 works shown at Mall Galleries. As winner of The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016 Lewis received a cash prize of £20,000 as well as this solo exhibition at the Mall Galleries. He also won an additional £10,000 for the Visitors’ Choice Award.
Alison Jefferis, Head of Corporate Affairs at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, said:“We are delighted to support Lewis’s solo exhibition. Columbia Threadneedle has sponsored this Prize since 2008 and is proud to provide a platform that has enabled artists to further their career.”
Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, 24, lives and works in Enfield. He attended the Byam Shaw School of Art and the London Atelier of Representational Art.
All the works are for sale and new paintings can be commissioned.

Exhibition runs 19 to 24 September
10am to 5pm (closes 4pm on final day)
Admission Free
Mall Galleries
The Mall, London SW1
For more information or images contact Liberty Rowley:
020 7968 0955 or