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Beers give a kick in the ballot box

Added: Sunday, May 15th 2016

Little Valley EU beers

Little Valley Brewery at Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, is livening up the referendum debate with three beers designed to refresh palates jaded by the endless political jabber. The beers – In, Out and IDK (I Don’t Know) – are designed to help drinkers make up their minds and also cast a vote for their favourite tipple.

All three beers are 4.5%. In uses – surprise, surprise – European hops and has a strong whiff of toffee on the aroma, which fittingly brings to mind the old Cockney expression “A load of old toffee”, meaning nonsense. There’s also a powerful hint of Brussels sour followed by a Lagarde perfumy note on the palate and hints of red tape from the malt and sulphur from the water. The finish is bittersweet with a fast-fading Greek coffee note and a noble hop kick from the Merkel variety.

Out is pale blond with a floppy head of foam and a dyspeptic aroma of earthy and Colonel Peppery hops, with hints of purple farage and Channel ports. The palate has a creamy Gove character that coats the tongue and a Daily Distress bitterness from English hops. Earl Grey tea and biscuits are evident in the short-tempered finish.

IDK has a wishy-washy colour with a rubbery aroma and delicate notes of rose petals and Mother’s Pride bread. The palate is more IDS than IDK, sour and grumpy, but balanced by a goodnight hint of Horlicks. The finish can’t make up its mind: it has a pale malt character balanced by gentle and undemanding hops and a shrug of the shoulders finale. Definitely a beer for silver-haired drinkers.


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