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Pedigree stresses its roots but looks to the future with blonde version of iconic ale

Added: Friday, March 7th 2014

New World

 Marston's is encouraging drinkers to be true to themselves and "live a life of Pedigree" in its new strategy to appeal to a wider audience. An online-driven campaign and a new blonde version of the beer will spearhead activity this spring at the same time as Marston's maintains its seven year-old relationship with English cricket during the summer.

The theme for the new Pedigree campaign urges people to grow up but never change, to retain the same values, friendships and moral code they have lived by in spite of the changing years. Online ads feature the internet phenomenon of recreating old photographs with the strapline "Grow up, don't change". Drinkers can download an App that enables them to replicate the ads and send them to Facebook or Pedigree's own online gallery. Support for the campaign will be reflected in new glassware, point-of-sale material, livery for the distribution fleet and in-pub promotions.

Extending the Pedigree brand name, the new blonde-style variant for Pedigree, Marston’s New World Pale Ale, is set to appeal to new entrants to the beer category. 

At 3.8% in cask and keg, it's a golden beer brewed using a base of lightly kilned pale malt, with a new world twist of Australian Galaxy and Topaz hops to give the beer its signature character. With Pedigree’s heritage and Aussie personality, it's the perfect blend of old world skills and new world tastes to give drinkers the best of both worlds.

 Gaynor Green, Marston's marketing manager, said: "In securing a long-term future for the brand, we're positioning Pedigree as a beer that has always been true to itself. It celebrates its roots as one of the truly iconic British beers, brewed in the birthplace of pale ale, Burton-on-Trent.  

“With the introduction of New World Pale Ale and our move to a predominantly online campaign, it's in recognition that a brand with history and heritage can still embrace change to keep moving forward with the drinkers while retaining its essence.” 

The Pedigree App is available to download at and New World Pale Ale is available by contacting the Customer Service Centre on 0800 587 0773.



New World Pale Ale