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Lacons falcon ready to fly over Norfolk

Added: Wednesday, April 10th 2013

The iconic Lacons falcon from Great Yarmouth has been revived and refreshed, ready for the return of the brewery and its much-loved ales in late May.

The new emblem, which depicts the falcon, its wings outspread ready to land, symbolizes the return of Lacons after a 45-year gap.

The man behind the return of Lacons to brewing, Mick Carver, employed a creative agency to rework the iconic emblem and logo to capture how it would have evolved over the past 45 years if the brewery had not closed. Mr Carver, Lacons managing director, explains: “I have worked with a creative agency to develop a logo that fully embraces the 250 years of brewing heritage associated with Lacons.  The result is a striking handcrafted logotype with talons subtly constructed into the letterforms to harmonise with the accompanying falcon logo.

“The iconic falcon emblem has also evolved into a stunning linocut graphic that is preparing to land. This signifies the return of Lacons ales to drinkers old and new.” 

The falcon has been the symbol of Lacons for hundreds of years and there are many pubs across East Anglia that still have its image embedded in their brickwork. A vast collection of memorabilia depicting the original falcon, including images of the old brewery, will be on display within the visitors centre at the Falcon Brewery in Great Yarmouth when it opens to the public at the end of May. Lacons will craft three permanent ales, with names and details being announced next week. 

Lacons ales will be available to the public at the City of Ale launch party at St Gregory’s in Norwich on 23 May.  Tickets costing £5 will include two pints, one of which will be a Lacons ale.  These will be available soon via the University of East Anglia ticket office.  Lacons will be available at many pubs across Norwich during the festival which runs until 1 June.  




Lacons Brewery has released the names of the first three craft ales to be brewed  in 45 years.

The three craft ales – Encore, Legacy and Affinity – have been created by head brewer Wil Wood using the original Lacons yeast that had been securely stored since the brewery closed in 1968.

"Much thought was given when considering the names of the inaugural ales," he says. "The main criteria taken was to embrace words that symbolise the return of Lacons together with celebrating the rich past of the brewery and the affection and respect we have to the Lacons name." 

After much soul searching and deliberation a decision was made: 

Encore - 3.8% ABV

Glowing with a pale amber hue, this flavour packed ale leads with delicate fruit aromas, comfortably balancing a dry pine and citrus crescendo of flavour throughout – followed by a finish that is long and dry. 

Legacy - 4.4% ABV

This blonde ale has an abundantly refreshing citrus aroma. This intensifies into a deliciously deep wave of lemon and lime, ending with a lengthy mellowing bitter finish.  

Affinity – 4.8% ABV

Robustly full bodied with a glistening chestnut tint, the ale's complex passion fruit and lychee tartness leaps forward – closely followed by a perfect balance of fruit and malt on the finish.  

For Lacons managing director Mick Carver, choosing the names for the new ales was not an easy task, but he feels the names selected give respect to the heritage of Lacons.    

He says: “Encore was selected as an apt name as it means return or once again.  It conjures up an image of excited and relaxed enjoyment. 

“Legacy was selected as it links the rich past of this incredible brewer over its 250-year history.  The name invites the beer lover to be part of the Lacons story.

"Affinity is a strong word that invites natural attraction and a feeling of kinship to the drinker, linking together our genuine love and desire to preserve Lacons place in history while creating an authentic new chapter.”

The three craft ales form the permanent collection that Lacons will deliver with special limited edition ales and seasonal beers being added to the range. 




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