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Tim Taylor joins the indies

Added: Monday, January 16th 2012

Yorkshire family brewer Timothy Taylor -- famous for its Landlord pale ale and other cask beers -- has joined SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers. The move underscores the growing gulf between independent brewers and the British Beer & Pub Association, which is now seen increasingly as the mouthpiece for global brewers based in Britain and giant pub companies.

Timothy Taylor, based in Keighley at the Knowle Spring Brewery, dates from 1858. It has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years and has expanded its brewing plant several times to cope with growing national demand for Landlord and its other cask beers. While the company will remain a member of the BBPA, it clearly feels that SIBA is best-suited to promote its interests. SIBA successfully encouraged the last Labour government to introduce Progressive Beer Duty, which allows smaller brewers to pay lower rates of excise duty. It also pioneered a Direct Delivery Scheme, which delivers members' beers direct to pubs, cutting out expensive middle men.

SIBA Chief Executive Julian Grocock said: "We are delighted to welcome such a highly-respected and long-established family brewer into the SIBA fold and we are confident they will make a valuable contribution to our campaigns. Timothy Taylor epitomises the values SIBA is seeking to protect: traditional craft brewing, providing jobs for local people and producing distinctive, quality beers that are at the heart of local pubs."

Grant Simpson, sales director at Timothy Taylor, added: "Timothy Taylor is older and larger than many other SIBA members, but we share with them a passion for traditional cask ale, produced from top-quality ingredients. SIBA speaks out for the UK's quality craft brewers and we have joined in order to contribute to the debate about the future of our industry."