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Mild Month Of May

Added: Thursday, May 1st 2008

National brewer Greene King has joined forces with the Campaign for Real Ale to promote its XX Mild in May as part of CAMRA's Mild Month promotion for the style.

Mild - low in strength and lightly hopped - was once England's most popular beer style but has gone into sharp decline with the rise of both bitter and lager. But many craft brewers now make mild and its popularity is on the increase.

CAMRA stages a Mild Month every May and the campaign has welcomed support from a prominent brewer of Greene King's size. The brewery will write to more than 2,000 of its pubs urging licensees to stock XX Mild (3%) during May and beyond. The beer has recently been named Champion Mild of East Anglia as a result of judging by a CAMRA official tasting panel. Licensees who order XX Mild will receive a joint Greene King/CAMRFA promotional kit that includes posters, drip mats and cards to attract the attention of customers. Greene King Brewing Co's managing director Justin Adams said: "I am delighted to work with CAMRA on one of their key campaigns. XX Mild is an important part of our diverse portfolio of quality ales." XX Mild is brewed with pale, roast and chocolate malts and is hopped with English varieties.