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Waitrose's Crafty Brews

Added: Monday, October 1st 2007

Waitrose has added new seasonal beers to its impressive range with products from craft brewers in both the north and south of England. St Peter's IPA (5.5%, 1.89) is a pale bronze colour with an intensely bitter and hoppy, aroma, and tart fruit and juicy malt in the mouth and the finish.

Jenning's World's Biggest Liar (4.3%, 1.75) commemorates a notorious teller of tall stories in the Lake District. It is red/bronze in colour and has a big spicy fruit aroma, fruit, peppery hops and biscuity malt in the mouth, and a dry, hoppy and fruity finish.

Theakston's Grouse Beater (4.2%, 1.79) has local fruit added to malt and Fuggles hops. It has a big berry fruits aroma with an earthy note from the hops. It is bittersweet in the mouth with fruit, hops resins and juicy malt. There is sweet fruit in the finish, balanced by spicy hops and biscuity malt.

Westerham's William Wilberforce Freedom Ale (4.8%, 1.99) uses Fairtrade sugar from Malawi and has a bronze/red colour, a spicy, fruity (oranges and lemons) aroma, with tangy fruit and spicy hops in the mouth, with a good balance of fruit, malt and hops in the finish.