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Apr 2017

Bourbon Milkshake, Siren Craft Brew

Added: Saturday, April 1st 2017

Style Stout ABV 11.0%

Siren Craft Brew Bourbon Milkshake 11%

This is a hybrid imperial stout with milk stout overtones. It’s brewed with pale and dark malts, oats, honey, muscovado and lactose (milk sugar) with American hops and then aged in bourbon barrels for a year. The whiskey barrels come from George Dickel, Wild Turkey, Four Roses and other bourbon distillers.

The beer is a deep russet and brown colour with flaring red tones around the edge. It has a massive hit of vanilla and oak on the nose with creamy malt, hints of bitter cherries and peppery hops. Creamy malt coats the tongue with a good balance of oak, vanilla, light hops and bitter fruit. The finish is bittersweet, dominated by rich creamy malt but balanced by oak, vanilla, peppery hops and ripe, tart fruit.

This is one to be sipped and savoured. The bottle size is 330ml and costs £5.39 from the brewery shop:

It’s also available from Honest Brew, Hop Burns & Black, and Beer Merchants.

Bourbon Milkshake, Siren Craft Brew