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Aug 2016

Naked Ladies, Twickenham Fine Ales

Added: Monday, August 1st 2016

Style Golden Ale ABV 4.4%

Twickenham Fine Ales Naked Ladies 4.4%

The beer is available nationwide in Majestic Wine Stores and is the result of a major tasting and voting exercise by the group’s customers. Naked Ladies is Majestic’s “Customers’ Champion” for 2016 and Twickenham won the award when customers tasted all the local beers in the stores and selected eight to go to Majestic’s Customer Team of 200 aficionados.

The eight beers were: St Peter’s Golden Ale; Parker Barbarian Bitter; Goddard’s Fuggle-de-Dum; Adnams Ghost Ship; Dent Golden Fleece; Bath Ginger Hare; and Naked Ladies.

Twickenham Fine Ales was founded by Steve Brown in 2004 and was the first new brewery in the area since the 1920s. Steve started with a 10 barrel plant and sales started to grow when he was joined in 2005 by American brewer Tom Madeiros who brought with him a passion for New World hops. They moved to a new site in 2012 and now have a 25 barrel kit that enables them to produce 50,000 pints a week.

Naked Ladies takes its name from statues of water nymphs in York House Gardens in Twickenham. It’s brewed with pale malt and hopped with Pilgrim, Chinook and Celeia varieties from England, the U.S. and Slovenia.

The beer has a pale gold colour and a floral, herbal and pine needles aroma with lemon fruit and cracker-like malt. Bitter hops bounce on the tongue with tart lemon fruit and juicy malt. Sherbet lemons dominate the finish with herbal and woody notes, bitter hops and biscuit malt.

A case of 12x500ml bottles costs £29.40.

Naked Ladies, Twickenham Fine Ales