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May 2016

IPA, Five Points Brewing Co

Added: Sunday, May 1st 2016

Style IPA ABV 7.1%

Five Points was founded in 2013 by a group from Hackney who are proud of their East End roots. Edward Mason is the owner and director who used to run Whitelocks, the oldest ale house in Leeds. Greg Hobbs is the head brewer.

They produce beers in cask, bottle and keg form, unfiltered and unpasteurised for maximum flavour. They believe in putting something back into their community: they pay the Living Wage and have an employee apprenticeship scheme for 18-24 year olds living in the Hackney area. Electricity is from 100% renewable sources and the brewery invests 5% of is profits in local charities and community projects.

The IPA is brewed with American Cascade and Australian Galaxy hop varieties that deliver a massive hit of passion fruit, mango and peach aromas and flavour. But the beer is well-balanced, with rich biscuit malt and a creamy note from the addition of wheat. It finishes hoppy, bitter, fruity and malty -- a finely-rounded and refreshing beer.

Price for a 330ml bottle will start at around £2.50. It's available from Bier Craft in London, Vertical Drinks in Yorkshire, New Wave Distribution in Scotland and the North-east, Glassworks Drinks in Manchester, Inn Express in the Midlands, Pigs Ear Trade & Wholesale in the South-east, Brighton Bier, Arbor Ales in Bristol and Prohibition in Northern Ireland. For mail order go to; Ales by Mail; Beer Merchants; The Beer Seller; Beers of Europe; and Hop Burns & Black.

IPA, Five Points Brewing Co