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Dec 2011

Christmas Ale, Shepherd Neame

Added: Thursday, December 29th 2011

Style Christmas Beer ABV 7.0%

Shepherd Neame is so conscious of the key role played in brewing by hops that it has created a special field near Faversham where both old and new varieties of the plants are grown. Christmas Ale is brewed with pale and crystal malts and is hopped with Admiral and East Kent Goldings. It has a glowing amber colour with a snowy collar of foam. The deep, crisp and even aroma offers pear drops, marzipan, candied fruit, spicy hops and sweet malt. There's a stocking full of flavours in the mouth – chewy, nutty malt, rich candy fruits and bitter hop resins. The finish has a crackle of logs with smoky malt, tart and tangy hops, rich fruit and a hint of reindeer harness.

Malt: high. Fruit: high. Hops: medium. 7.0% ABV, 50cl, £2.00, brewery website, widely available.

Christmas Ale, Shepherd Neame