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Feb 2016

Anchor Steam Beer // Anchor Brewery

Steam Beer, a speciality of San Francisco

Added: Monday, February 1st 2016

Anchor Steam Beer
Jan 2016

LVB X // Little Valley

10% barley wine that celebrates 10 years of brewing

Added: Friday, January 1st 2016

Dec 2015

Festive Totty // Cheddar Ales

Porter with addition of Port wine

Added: Tuesday, December 1st 2015

Festive Totty
Nov 2015

Freedom East India Pale // Freedom

Pale lager brewed in Staffordshire using American hops

Added: Sunday, November 1st 2015

Freedom East India Pale
Oct 2015

Lignum Vitae // Grain

Strong IPA brewed with Maris Otter malt and six hops

Added: Thursday, October 1st 2015

Lignum Vitae
Sep 2015

Elixir of Invincibility // Hardknott

Brewery based in Millom in Cumbria, run by Dave and Ann Bailey

Added: Tuesday, September 1st 2015

Elixir of Invincibility
Aug 2015

Lagunitas IPA // Lagunitas

Major American craft beer from Chicago and Callifornia

Added: Saturday, August 1st 2015

Lagunitas IPA
Jul 2015

Brewster's Britannia's Brew // Brewster's

Beer brewed to cleberate Beer Day Britain

Added: Wednesday, July 1st 2015

Brewster's Britannia's Brew
Jun 2015

Sam Adams Rebel IPA // Sam Adams Boston Brewing Co

A West Coast style IPA from Sam Adams in Boston

Added: Monday, June 1st 2015

Sam Adams Rebel IPA
May 2015

Hot Rocks // Innis & Gunn

Beer brewed to an anicent Neolithic recipe, made without hops

Added: Friday, May 1st 2015

Hot Rocks