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Dec 2021

Practise What You Preach, Brew Dog

Added: Wednesday, December 1st 2021

Style Quadrupel ABV 10.0%

BrewDog/La Trappe Practise What You Preach (10%)

Punks Meet Monks, BrewDog says, with this collaboration with the La Trappe Brewery in the Netherlands. I don’t know if the monks at the Koningshoeven abbey near Tilburg were given permission by the International Trappist Association to team up with a commercial brewery but the result is a rich and rewarding strong ale in the Quadrupel style.

It was brewed at La Trappe in January following discussions between the two breweries. BrewDog’s James Watt and Martin Dickie say they have long been admirers of Trappist beers and were keen to engage in this joint venture with the monks at La Trappe.

The beer is brewed with the addition of Scottish heather honey to pale, Munich, chocolate wheat and spray malt, with Simcoe and HBC692 hops. It has a powerful aroma of creamy malt with nougat notes, floral and herbal hops and sweet honey. Honey continues on the palate but is balanced by floral hops, dried fruits and creamy nougat. The finish is bittersweet with creamy malt, dried fruits and floral hops, and ends dry and with strong hop notes.

It costs £5.50 a bottle or £20 for four bottles from


Practise What You Preach, Brew Dog